The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Coffee Grinder

Roasted coffee beans need to be ground down before they are used. The main reason for this is because they can then be used as smaller pieces, and it also increases the surface area dramatically as well. This gives you the power you need for extraction. The finer your grind is, the more likely you are to get more flavour and more extraction. Of course, choosing your brewing equipment is crucial here because you don’t want a ton of sediment going into your mug. If you want to get the best result out of your coffee then the first thing that you need to do is make sure that you grind your beans just before you use them. Oxidation will make your beans go stale if you don’t use them right away.

Coffee Grinder

Ground Coffee

If you were to choose a coffee machine, then are ideal (the website is in Dutch, however). It’s important to know that blade grinders are some of the cheapest around and it is also very straight-forward as well. All you have to do is put your beans in the grinder, press the button and then you’re good to go. The grinding blade will rotate and leave the beans in very small pieces. The size of the grind you get will largely depend on how long you let the grinder run for. The problem here is that you don’t have very much control and you don’t get a very consistent grind size as well. You will get powder and you will also get chunks.

Next up you have the burr grinder. There are two different burr grinders and this includes:

  • Flat blade
  • Conical blade

The conical burr grinder has two cone shaped burrs. These face each other and they are a small distance apart. Coffee beans are fed in the middle of them and the device works by rotating one conical mechanism while the other stays still. This essentially shears the beans and it achieves a very uniform size. This will provide you with a very uniform grind and it will also make it very easy for you to extract the flavour with ease. The flat blade just spins around and grinds them up as it goes along. The main question here is whether or not you should go for the burr or the blade.

The answer here is simple. You should always, always go for the burr. Burr grinders can be categorised by their speed and they can also be categorised on their grinding capabilities as well. There are direct drive options, high speed options and even low-speed alternatives as well. The entry level grinders that you see on the cheaper end of the spectrum have a high-speed grinder. The motor is connected to the burrs. Even though this is high-speed, it does produce heat and this can have an impact on the overall grind. The noise is also quite loud, but with all of this, it can still provide you with a very uniform grind without the big price tag.Coffee beans

Gear Reduction

Gear reduction grinders, or even low-speed grinders are also another option. The main thing that you have to take note of here is that they are some of the best grinders around and they are often used in commercial setups. Cafes use them and if you are an enthusiast then this is what you will want to look out for. They don’t produce any static and they have very little or even no heat. On top of this, they have a very low RPM. This is what helps to give you all of the above benefits. If you have the budget for it then you should always go for a low-speed grinder as this will give you the best coffee.


After you have settled on your speed, it’s time to move on to the doser.

  • Doserless
  • Doser

There are two different types of grinder here. Dosers are designed so that they can handle commercial setups. The coffee machine operator can easily grind up a large volume of beans and then store them. This helps you to keep up to six lots of coffee and when you pull the handle, this releases a certain amount of ground beans. The main thing that you have to remember is that you are probably never going to need this much on a regular basis unless you work in a coffee shop. Your ground coffee will go stale as well, so it’s important that you use them as soon as possible. The doser will eliminate all of the static problems that come with grinders as well.