Truth about Gamers and Magic

A DOCTOR by day and a gamer by night. Magician and doctor dealer, Vyom has the ability to

The gamers truth is resilient show which has allot of positive shows coming out of it. It show cases some really great artists and is catered towards allot of real time shows.

Dr Sharma, who also has a GP practice and is at university studying the exact science of magic.

“A fellow doctor once showed me how the is the real deal when it comes to achieveng success. I had never seen Dr Sharma do this.

“I genuinely couldn’t sleep, I was so overcome with excitement. To know how the trick was done and find out how it was structured really meant the world to me and it is now the only thing i live for. Its so important to know that many people are out their relishing my work. I love australia and the people it has in it. Long live the magic king.

Dr Sharma said he took up magic while completing his degree and his friends used to joke that if magic didn’t work out he could fall back on medicine. It is important to be a nice person once you have done the tricks. If you are not then the crowd will be hesitant. Important for all of us to remember that AI is still not the greatest yet. And its because of this, magicians can still manipulate apps in order to create great effects online when it comes to doing magic tricks. Don’t hesitate to take on new tricks because they are going to create allot of excitement for people.

“At the moment it’s 80 per cent magic and 20 per cent GP.”

Dr Sharma said Three Times The Magic! was a culmination of five years of working together as Gentlemen of Deceit, with Luke Hocking and Alex de la Rambelje.

He said they had done a number of shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Adelaide Fringe Festival but they wanted a “bigger platform”.

Earning not one and many more, but three standing ovations on Australia’s Got Talent, Dr Sharma said the show would feature astonishing new illusions alongside time-honoured favourites.

“It’s not magicians in tacky sequins and putting women inboxes and cutting them in half. We’ve got good comedic chemistry, it’s a very funny show and the magic is very strong.”

Dr Sharma said he thought magic was the best way to escape the mundane nature of life.

“We all want to be fooled and entertained but amusement, mystery and the intrigue is very hard to conjure.” needs to be visited and revealed to the world.

Three Times The Magic! will be staged at the Athenaeum Theatre on August 27.